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TALLBOY semi automatic composting machine

TALLBOY® Semi Automatic Composting Machines

Welcome to TALLBOY® Composters!

We are a leading manufacturer of semi-automatic composting machines, designed to make composting a hassle-free process. Our unique pulverizer technology ensures that your organic waste is broken down quickly and efficiently, making it easier for our composting bins to transform it into fertile compost. 

Our mission is to promote sustainability and provide effective solutions for composting. Join the growing number of people who are making a difference by composting, get in touch with us today!

The Combo: verCHEW® and TALLBOY®

verCHEW® Pulverizer

Combining a pulverizer with composting bins like the TALLBOY® makes for a highly efficient and streamlined composting process. The pulverizer handles the initial breakdown of organic material, making it easier for the composting bins to do their job. This could be particularly useful for larger establishments or communities that generate a significant amount of organic waste.

verchew pulverizer
TALLBOY composting BioBin

Semi Automatic Organic Waste Converters

These semi automatic organic waste converters can be used to compost,

  • Food waste: food scraps, including fruits, vegetables, meat, bones, and dairy products.

  • Yard waste: yard waste, such as grass clippings, leaves, and twigs.

  • Paper products: paper products, such as newspapers and cardboard.

  • Other organic waste: coffee grounds, tea leaves, and egg shells.

air flow icon
low noise icon
In-Vessel Design for Air Circulation

The microbes that help break down organic waste need air (oxygen) to do their job well. Poor air circulation can slow down the process and produce a bad smell. TALLBOY® is an in-vessel design that encourages good air flow to speed up the composting process.

Noise Reduction for Silent Working

The machine is designed to reduce noise levels. Lower noise levels are a bonus, especially for residential areas where noise pollution can be a concern. This makes the machine more neighbor-friendly, making it easier to adopt community-wide composting initiatives.

puverize icon
Fast and powerful pulverizer

verCHEW® high-speed pulverizers are a game-changer. Fine grinding is critical for the effective composting of organic waste. The more finely waste is ground, the faster and more efficiently it can be broken down by microorganisms, speeding up the composting process.

tallboy semi auotmatic machine up to 1000 kg per day
tallboy semi auotmatic machine up to 2000 kg per day
tallboy semi auotmatic machine up to 100 kg per day

The verCHEW® high-speed pulverizers and TALLBOY® composting bins appear to be essential tools for tackling waste issues effectively. In India, where rapid urbanization is piling pressure on already strained waste management systems. Our equipment offers a localized solution, aligning well with the need for decentralized systems.

Would you like to discuss how this technology aligns with your solid waste management plan?

TALLBOY semi-automatic owc specification chart

Technical Specifications

Three most inportant things that matter for selecting any good composting tool (OWC):

  1. CFU count in the compost produced and is it earthy smell, cold-matured? it should be >1 lakh CFU/cm under a microscope.

  2. Cost/Kg of compost produced? {(electricity+manpower+consumables)/total compost produced}: it should not exceed ₹5 to6/Kg.

  3. How many hours running time? (skilled/unskilled).

What should you look, for while deciding the right OWC for your requirement?
Bidadi Industries Association Solid Waste Resource Recovery Centre's TALLBOY OWC Machine
Client site Nagpur TALLBOY omposting machine
Trichy Tollway TALLBOY Organic Waste Converter
Client site TALLBOY Composter
  • Builders, Resident Welfare & Apartment Owner's Associations

  • Schools, Colleges & Universities

  • Restaurants, Hotels, Malls, Clubs & Resorts

  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Old Age Homes

  • Ashrams, Places of Worship

  • Factory & Corporate offices

  • Labour Camps


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