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Standard operating procedure TALLBOY® BioBin for home composting by Riteways

Welcome to TALLBOY® Composters, your leading manufacturer of compost bins. 

If you care about the environment and want to do your part to reduce waste and promote sustainable living, then our compost bins are the perfect solution for you. Our composters are designed to provide good ventilation, drainage, and are mobile so that you can use them wherever you go. 


We believe that composting is an easy and effective way to dispose of waste, and we are passionate about helping individuals reduce their carbon footprint. TALLBOY® Compost Bins are the perfect solution for you.


Contact us to find out how you can get started with composting today.

TALLBOY® Compost Bin Range

Composting Bins for all your needs

Our composting bins are carefully crafted with the highest quality materials to ensure longevity and effectiveness. Our products can handle all types of waste, from kitchen scraps to garden waste. We believe in creating products that are as durable as they are sustainable.

TALLBOY community composting bin
TALLBOY composting bin model TBG3000
TALLBOY composting bin model TBB400
TALLBOY® BioBin for home composting by Riteways
TALLBOY composting bin model TBF3000
TALLBOY composting bin model TBB1500



















Comes with top hinged lid and bottom harvesting doors for easy removal. Feed the bin from the top till it gets completely filled up and start harvesting from bottom once it's full.

Easy to use:

TALLBOY community composting bin standard operating procedure

Why choose TALLBOY® Composting Bins?

composting stages graph
TALLBOY home composting in features

TALLBOY® Composting Bins offer good ventilation to help break down organic matter, good drainage to ensure that moisture doesn't get trapped inside, and they don't require any electricity. 

Mesophilic Stage:
The bacteria, fungi and protozoa initiate oxidation utilizing the air circulation through side air vents. Majority of the organic waste is decomposed. Pathogens, weed and phytotoxins are eliminated. The by-products of the composting process are leachate, carbon dioxide, and heat.


Thermophilic Stage:
The remaining portion of organic material in humic substances is converted via humification to improve the quality of compost.

Maturation Stage:
The microbial activity decreases temperature declines. Cold compost is ready to use for plants.

TALLBOY community composting bin features
Product Features:
  • Built in curing

  • Wheel base

  • Dump Daily, Harvest Daily

  • Fermentation

  • Hassle free composting, no manual intervention to cure the innards of the bin.

  • Heavy duty, industrial grade wheel base allows for easy relocation.

  • Daily feed-daily harvest (30%), dump as it is. Add a layer of food/garden waste and on top a layer of old harvested compost.

  • No foul odour, No flies, Natural Composting due to inhale/exhale and natural draft, facilitating, completely aerobic digestion.

TALLBOY biobins model TBG3000


  • Garden waste

  • Flower waste

  • Food waste

  • STP sludge

  • Farm waste

Our clientele:

  • Builders, Resident Welfare & Apartment Owner's Associations

  • Schools, Colleges & Universities

  • Restaurants, Hotels, Malls, Clubs & Resorts

  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Old Age Homes

  • Ashrams, Places of Worship

  • Factory & Corporate offices

  • Labour Camps

  • Tollways

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