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customized composting solutions by riteways

Build your own Composting Machine

Choose from a range of verCHEW® pulverizers and TALLBOY® composting BioBins to customize your Composting Machine.


You can also choose to add additional components to your Composting Machine, such as a conveyor belt to transport the organic waste from the pulverizer to the BioBin, or a mixer to help mix the organic waste with other materials, such as bulking agents and microbial inoculants.

TALLBOY® BioBin TBB1500 for composting by Riteways
TALLBOY® BioBin TBB400 for composting by Riteways
verCHEW® Pulverizer for composting by Riteways

Custom built Organic Waste Converters using verCHEW® pulverizers and TALLBOY® composting BioBins

The concept of custom built organic waste converters with a range of verCHEW® pulverizers and TALLBOY® composting BioBins is quite ingenious. This offers a personalized solution that can cater to the unique needs of different households, communities, or even commercial setups.

TALLBOY® BioBin TBG3000 for composting by Riteways
TALLBOY® PV100 semi automatic composting machine by Riteways
TALLBOY® PV1000 semi automatic composting machine by Riteways
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Scalability: One size doesn't fit all. A small household with limited waste will have different needs compared to a large community or commercial enterprise. The available range from 50 Kg/hr to 500 Kg/hr for verCHEW® pulverizers and 5 Kg/day to 250 Kg/day for TALLBOY® BioBins allows for scale-based customization.

Efficiency: Customization ensures that users aren't paying for more than they need or getting less than they require. This increases the likelihood of the composter being used to its full potential.

Adaptability: Different types of organic waste may require different types of treatment. A customizable system allows for adjustments based on what kinds of waste are most commonly produced.

Ease of Use: A composter that is too large or complicated may discourage people from using it, while one that is too small may not serve its purpose. Customization allows for a user-friendly experience.

Local Context: In your mission to encourage decentralized wastewater recycling and composting, customization could be a game-changer. Depending on the community's needs, the system can be tailored for maximum effectiveness.

Why Customization is Key:

Potential Applications:

Households: Smaller BioBins and pulverizers can be perfect for individual homes, especially those with gardens.
Residential Communities: Larger setups could serve entire apartment complexes or housing estates, especially given your focus on composting by large homes and communities.

Commercial Setups: Restaurants, hotels, and other businesses that produce a large amount of organic waste could benefit from the higher-end range of this customization.
Public Areas: Custom composters could also be installed in public spaces like parks and recreational areas where organic waste is generated.

Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities can adopt these for their cafeterias and encourage students to learn about composting and waste management.

Solid waste management and composting

An important issue concerning solid waste management and composting, particularly in the context of Bulk Waste Generators, as stipulated by India's Solid Waste Management (SWM) Rules of 2016.

According to the SWM Rules 2016, it is indeed mandatory for Bulk Waste Generators like large residential complexes to manage their waste in-situ, which means on-site composting should be happening.


Our field survey indicating that more than 60 to 70% of apartments are not doing so despite having the equipment is alarming. There are several reasons why this could be happening:

pile of garbage

Lack of Awareness or Education:
Residents may not be adequately educated on how to segregate waste or how to use composting machines effectively. They might be unaware of the benefits of composting, or perhaps the necessity of complying with the law.

Complexity of Composting Machines:
If the composting machines are complex to operate, and inadequately designed it can lead to unpleasant odors or even become a breeding ground for pests, which can deter people from using them, thereby opting for the simpler but ineffective solution of sending all waste out.

Incompatibility, Initial Costs and Operating Expenses:
It's also possible that the builder has provided a wrong composting tool such as the heater type machinery which does not make compost. The financial aspect cannot be ignored. While these costs should be part of the complex's annual maintenance, residents might oppose the high recurring costs of operating the heater type machines.

You can help your apartment complex reduce its waste and become more sustainable

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TALLBOY® BioBin TBF3000 for composting by Riteways
TALLBOY® PV500 semi automatic composting machine by Riteways
TALLBOY® SH500 fully automatic composting machine by Riteways
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