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TALLBOY® fully automatic organic waste converter that can compost up to 100 Kg per day

TALLBOY® Fully Automatic Organic Waste Converters, for all recycling needs

Welcome to TALLBOY® Composters, your one-stop-shop for all your recycling needs.


We specialize in fully automatic organic waste converters, designed to handle everything from pizza boxes and cardboard packages to areca cutlery, paper cups and plates, and food and garden waste.


Our products come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Plus, they can be used indoors or outdoors, making them versatile and convenient.


Contact us today to start your recycling journey.

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In-Vessel Design for Air Circulation

The microbes that help break down organic waste need air (oxygen) to do their job well. Poor air circulation can slow down the process and produce a bad smell. TALLBOY® is an in-vessel design that encourages good air flow to speed up the composting process.

Noise Reduction for Silent Working

The machine is designed to reduce noise levels. Lower noise levels are a bonus, especially for residential areas where noise pollution can be a concern. This makes the machine more neighbor-friendly, making it easier to adopt community-wide composting initiatives.

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Compact and powerful shredder in lid

The shredder breaks down organic waste into small particles, which increases the surface area for microbial action and speeds up the composting process. It is also compact and does not eat into the composting volume, which is important for space-constrained areas.

TALLBOY® fully automatic organic waste converter that can compost up to 500 Kg per day
TALLBOY® fully automatic organic waste converter that can compost up to 1000 Kg per day
TALLBOY® fully automatic organic waste converter that can compost up to 200 Kg per day

The emphasis on accelerated aerobic decomposition, and efficient air circulation, and noise reduction all point to a machine that's well-suited for both individual households and larger communities. This could play a significant role in making composting a more widespread practice, contributing to waste management and environmental conservation.

Would you like to discuss how this technology aligns with your solid waste management plan?

TALLBOY fully automatic OWC specification chart

Technical Specifications

  1. Comes with industrial grade castor wheels for easy movement and relocation. 

  2. Space saving design makes it fit in to tight spaces. 

  3. The grinder is located in the lid allowing for a large volume availability for composting. 

  4. The Electrical Relay Logic Control Panel allows for safety controls and ejection of any stuck metal objects like spoon/fork.

features & benefits

  • Builders, Resident Welfare & Apartment Owner's Associations

  • Schools, Colleges & Universities

  • Restaurants, Hotels, Malls, Clubs & Resorts

  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Old Age Homes

  • Ashrams, Places of Worship

  • Factory & Corporate offices

  • Labour Camps


Three most inportant things that matter for selecting any good composting tool (OWC):

  1. CFU count in the compost produced and is it earthy smell, cold-matured? it should be >1 lakh CFU/cm under a microscope.

  2. Cost/Kg of compost produced? {(electricity+manpower+consumables)/total compost produced}: it should not exceed ₹5 to6/Kg.

  3. How many hours running time? (skilled/unskilled).

What should you look, for while deciding the right OWC for your requirement?

Organic Waste Converter, Organic Waste Composter, OWC, OWC machine, Composting Machine all are different names for Composters and they all mean the same.

rich compost produced by award winning TALLBOY composters

TALLBOY® organic waste composters are a great way to compost your kitchen and garden waste. Composting plays an important role in managing solid waste effectively.

Organic Waste Converter

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