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about riteways journey

Riteways has come a long way since 1999. TALLBOY® Composters have  been crafted and curated for over two decades, they are a proprietary design that has undergone rigorous in-house and field-testing with good customer feedback.

The journey not only represents hard work and persistence but also an evolutionary process of continual learning and adaptation.

about RITEWAYS and TALLBOY® Composters

riteways went through the ideation phase

Birth of TALLBOY® composting

Once the problem was understood, the ideation phase kicked in, nurturing the ideas until they were fully formed involved both conceptual and physical prototypes, which helped us refine the ultimate solution.

When it comes to TALLBOY® composting, understanding the specifics of the problem — be it social attitudes, technological gaps, or regulatory hurdles—is essential.

prototypes used by riteways for composting
sequestering carbon
about us closing statement.webp

It took us some time to understand the problem and the need, but once we did, we were able to nurture our ideas and shape them into the right products that worked well despite all odds.

The experiences and insights have helped us adapt to new challenges and opportunities. We're now ready to scale up and make a greater impact.

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