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Garden waste composter for recycing garden waste into rich compost

Best Garden Waste Composter And Kitchen Composter

Best Garden Waste Composters from RITEWAYS Save Money & Time. It quickly reduces your garden waste volume and no more transportation trips. Recycling your organic waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer can save you money and keep your soil healthy.

Home Garden Waste Composter 

An ideal garden composter bin for home garden, TBB 400 comes with heavy-duty industrial-grade castor wheels for smooth movement. To produce good quality compost add 1 portion of food waste to 3 portions of garden waste.

Model: TBB400

Capacity: 5 to *25 Kg/day

*with pulverized waste

Kitchen composter working video
Garden composter for recycing garden waste into rich compost

Compost Maker for Garden and Kitchen Waste

Our Garden waste composter systems can digest all types of organic waste including egg shells and bones and this is what makes them special. TALLBOY® best kitchen composter is a trust bin that delivers rich earthy smell home made compost. Typically for a household of 5 to 8 members we recommend one such kitchen waste compost maker. If you are a community and wish to combine your composting activity we auggest to combine these composting bins with our verCHEW® pulverizer to make your own kitchen waste compost.

Composting kitchen waste at home can bring immense joy, try it with TALLBOY® kitchen waste compost maker.

Home composting for those that have a lawn or garden can be a rich experience using TALLBOY® best home compost maker. With numerous large side air vents, plenty of airflow is provided to the composting pile naturally. These compost drums are made for fermentative decomposition, eliminating pest and rodent problems.

Kitchen composter technical specifictions image view


Bio Bin volume: 200 L
Daily reprocessing capacity: 5 Kg/day
Overall dimensions: 3ft Ht x 2ft dia
Aeration: Natural draft through side vents
Decomposition: Fermentation
Compliance: SWM Rules 2016, FCO Compost quality standard
Type of input waste: Domestic food waste + Horticulture waste

benefits of tallboy kitchen composters image view

TALLBOY Kitchen Composters Benefits

  • Hassle-free

  • Can take shock loads, so parties? no worry!

  • Finished compost output

  • Get compost & compost tea


testimonial from senior citizen

My experience has been so good, that I ask my friends to also do composting at home. Composting is very easy, you just need to feed all the kitchen waste from the top of kitchen compost maker, after 2-3 months when the bin gets filled up start harvesting the compost from the bottom

- VP Narain, Nagpur

Interview with one of our Senior Citizen user

Q: The company says, start harvesting only after the bin gets filled up. It seems that you started harvesting much earlier, did you get compost?

A: This is something surprising, that I could get it even at half fill. The leachate was drained completely, there was a little wetness, but after drying it was really good compost. Leachate is such a good fertilizer, I have distributed it to many of my friends and they reported improved performance of their plants


After using leachate in the irrigating water the flowering has significantly increased.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your initiative to recycle waste is a noble one, choose the right composter.

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