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Compost bins for recycling food & kitchen waste into rich compost

Best Compost Bins for Recycling Organic Kitchen Waste

Best Compost Bin from RITEWAYS can process a lot of food & kitchen waste, breaking it down into nutrient-rich earthy smell organic manure.

Just Dump, No lifting No shifting. Dump waste from the top, and harvest compost from the bottom. No pests, No Flies, No bad smell.

Difference Between TALLBOY Compost Bin from others

Riteways leading manufacturers & suppliers of high quality, long lasting Composter bin across India for home, apartment at affordable prices (starting price Rs 16000,00)

The market has a wide selection of small bokashi bins (compost bucket, khamba, bokashi bucket, indoor composter bin for homes, compost pots etc.) that produce semi-finished material with unpleasant odors, bokashi ferment from the indoor compost must then be transferred to another curing system. Since this is an arduous task, few people have the time to do it. Khamba compost from the biostack composter is fertilizer from food waste, to produce high quality compost one also needs to add the farm waste to it in sufficient quantity. Since the size of such a Bio Composter Bin is small proper composting gets difficult.

tallboy compost bin for home demo video

Making compost at house can be quite fun with TALLBOY® Compost Bio Bins for Home. This above ground black bio bin is designed to have built-in curing, so manual interventions, such as lifting and shifting, are not needed for full processing. Constructed from durable materials, these plastic food bio composter can withstand harsh conditions outside. TALLBOY® has earned recognition for its straightforward and effective design, making it the bio composter bin for apartment and home. Our compost bin is perfect for both personal and large-scale composting. There's always a compost heap inside that can give aged compost/manure that can be the best bagged compost for vegetable farm. Share it or sell it, people will love it!

TALLBOY® Best Dump Bio Composting Bins Range

Bio composting bin is available in different sizes and capacities. The TALLBOY® bio compost maker bin decomposes your daily dump of vegetable and fruit peels, food scraps including egg shells, left over food including bones and yard waste in to rich compost with high NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash). For an easy way to compost Riteways manufactures different types of composting units in various shapes and sizes, drum and barrel shaped compost bio bins for composting in an apartment balcony, rectangular composter bins for offices and restaurants.

They are large enough to process both food and yard inputs to produce rich organic compost. The leaf compost can be made quickly in our modern open air compost bio bin. Making compost at house is now very easy, experience the joy of making natural compost/fertilizer with TALLBOY® Dump Bio Composter Bins!

 Composting bin for kitchen HCB upto 5kg per day capacity bin


Capacity: up to 5 Kg/day

Bio Composter Bin TBB 400 5kgs to 25 kgs perday

TBB 400

Capacity: up to 5 Kg/day

*25 Kg/day


Indoor Compost maker  CCB up to 25 kgs per day


Capacity: up to 25 Kg/day

TBB 1500 25 kgs to 125 kgs per day for apartments

TBB 1500

Capacity: up to 25 Kg/day

*125 Kg/day

community composter TB 2000 50 kgs to 250 kgs per day

TB 2000

Capacity: up to 50 Kg/day

*250 Kg/day


Composting of Waste using Composting Bin, How it Works

Composting of waste in our enclosed continuous composting bin is a controlled aerobic condition. Food wastes and yard scraps are broken down into their simplest components by microorganisms and worms in this extra large compost bio bin that resembles a windrow composting heap. The bacteria in the compost culture work through various biochemical processes, producing vermicompost fertilizer that has high carbon content and is rich in fiber & humus.

TALLBOY® compost makers are very simple decomposition boxes that do not have any moving parts. These compost containers are designed for hassle-free and no nuisance composting. The odors are fermentative and do not attract pests. Organic waste is fed from the top and compost is harvested from the bottom. Our composting bin fit in tight spaces & terraces, they are ideal for apartments, hotels, restaurants, offices, institutions, and solid waste resource recovery centers of municipal wards.

Making compost from kitchen waste in this composting equipment undergoes three stages, Mesophilic, Thermophilic, and Cooling.

stages of composting equipment stages

During the first stage, the microbiome initiates the composting process by increasing temperature through the oxidation of organic material. This bokashi (fermentative) decomposing of the majority of the biodegradable material increases the stability of the organic residue.

In the thermophilic stage, easily degradable compounds and oxygen are consumed, whereas pathogens, weeds, and phytotoxins are eliminated. The microbiome during composting includes bacteria, fungi, and protozoa which varies depending on the temperature, moisture content, C/N ratio, and nature of organic materials.

The microorganisms require oxygen for aerobic respiration to carry out the composting process. For continuous active composting, oxygen is replenished by large aeration vents provided in our layered bio bins. The remaining portion of organic material in humic substances is converted via humification to improve the quality of compost. Decomposition continues to take place until the organic material is converted into stable humic substances.

In the Cooling or Maturation phase, the microbial activity decreases, and temperature declines. Cold compost is ready to use for plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

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