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TALLBOY Composting installation at sector 47 Noida awarded cash prize of Rs one Lakh by BIS

Oct, 2020

“Thank you so much to the Riteways team. their compost system helped us make our project sustainable as it gave us good quality compost. In two years it produced 60,000 kg of compost and we sold about 35000 kg at a rate of Rs 10/kg. This revenue we earned met day to day expense of running the project and made it sustainable.” - Madhu Saran, RWA Member, Sector 47 - Noida

In July 2018, "Swachhata Prerna Udyan" was set up at their park for showcasing the best solid waste management practices - an initiative by RWA-Sector 47, Noida. RITEWAYS, Bangalore was chosen to supply their TALLBOY® Composting equipment to process 500 Kg/day of wet waste generated by the residential community at Sector 47, Noida.

The story of the Green Crusaders in Noida is an inspiring one and their efforts efforts to reduce food wastage in their community is quite enlightening. What started as informal chats has evolved into a robust, community-driven waste management system. Their work addresses several crucial aspects:

Waste Segregation: By categorizing waste into dry and wet, they've laid the groundwork for efficient recycling and composting.

Sustainable Revenue: Selling compost and compost leachate is a fantastic way to sustain the initiative financially. It also encourages more people to participate when they see a direct, tangible benefit.

Community Involvement: With 70% of families segregating their waste, the initiative has achieved the essential buy-in from the community. This is a testament to successful public engagement and education.

Environmental Benefits: Good quality compost not only has utility but also encourages organic gardening and farming, which is a step towards sustainable agriculture.

Economic Benefits for Kabadiwallahs: Waste collectors are earning more, particularly during festivals, because the waste they collect is already segregated and therefore more valuable.

A Potential Blueprint

This could serve as a blueprint for other cities and communities. Many aspects of this project resonate with your own goals of promoting decentralized wastewater recycling and composting. They've practically shown how localized solutions can bring about substantial change.

Learning Points and Potential Improvements:

Data-Driven Approach: They started with data collection and research, something that can't be emphasized enough. Data offers insights into what's working and what's not, thereby allowing for more targeted efforts.

Collaboration with Non-profits: This adds an extra layer of expertise and resources. There's always room to grow and innovate, and sometimes that requires external help.

Holistic Benefits: The system they've built benefits everyone involved—residents, waste collectors, and even the local government. That's a win-win-win, and it's probably why the project has been so successful.

"With sustained efforts of its residents and continuous support from Noida Authority, RWA Sector 47 has been awarded 2nd prize (a cash prize of One Lakh) in the solid waste management competition organised jointly by BIS and Noida Authority" - a tweet by Dr Krishan Dudeja

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