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Best Composter Machines for Fast Organic Waste Recycling

Composter machine for fast organic waste recycing

Best Composter Machine from RITEWAYS uses a compact and powerful shredding device that fits into the lid and does not eat into the composting volume. The shredder machine for compost breaks down the fed bio waste, wet waste and organic waste into small particles which increases the surface area for higher microbial action, thus speeding up the process of aerobic decomposition. 

The in vessel manure composting equipment is also designed to ensure proper air circulation, allowing for a more efficient process. Additionally, this shredder-based mechanical composting equipment has been designed to reduce noise levels, making it an ideal choice for residential areas.

Rapid organic waste Composting Machine

Fully mechanised

Riteways has the perfect solution with their TALLBOY® range of fully automatic composting machines. These compost making machines have a compact design, making them ideal for small homes, apartments, offices, restaurants and other businesses. Plus, these silent wet waste compost making machines are simple and fun to use!

RITEWAYS provides long lasting best composting machine for recycling organic waste at affordable prices, (Starting price Rs 95000.00) across India for domestic, industrial & commercial usage, Fully automatic organic waste converter machine for homes, apartments, industries and commercial spaces that excels in food decomposition without heating, this OWC in 60 to 130 minutes can process 100 to 200 Kg of food waste. With these composting equipment machines, you can take all kinds of bio waste/wet waste/food waste - even pizza boxes and cardboard packages - and turn it into rich organic manure in no time. You'll be able to reduce your carbon footprint while improving the quality of soil in your garden or backyard!

Order today to get your own kitchen waste compost shredder machine from RITEWAYS and start creating organic manure at home!

Types of Composter Machine Applications

Composting food waste

We manufacture best organic waste compost machine for recycling food waste in all kinds of places including, hotels, marriage halls, and large canteens. You can reach us for any kind of requirement: consultancy, product supply, or service.

Vegetable composter for Markets

TALLBOY® composter for dealing with vegetable market waste account for the moisture that is locked in vegetables and fruits. Site-specific dehumidification processes are used to reduce high moisture content.

Indoor Composting garden waste

Composting machine applications explained

Our heavy-duty composter and high-speed verCHEW® range of shredders can decompose the toughest of woody materials with the help of our lignolytic microbes. Call us for an online demo.

Large composter for flower waste

Religious events and places of worship generate huge amounts of flower waste, we manufacture low-cost composters and natural composting solutions for converting flower waste into rich organic manure.

Compact composter for dairy waste

We manufacture composters and wastewater recycling solutions for dairy applications. These are completely natural and low-cost. You can reach us for any kind of requirement: consultancy, product supply, or service.

Outdoor Aerobin composter for STP Sludge

We produce non-electric, natural aerobic composter machine for sewage sludge. It has no moving parts and works efficiently. Contact us for any kind of requirement: consulting, product supply, or service.

Fully Automatic Composting Machine

Automatic composting machines for recycing orgnic waste into rich compost


  • Waste input: 100 Kg/day

  • Compost output: 30 Kg/day

  • Shredder speed: 50 Kg/hr


Automatic composting machine for recycing organic  waste into rich compost
  • Waste input: 200 Kg/day

  • Compost output: 60 Kg/day

  • Shredder speed: 100 Kg/hr

Are you looking for compost making machine that stands out from the crowd and will still work perfectly no matter what?

"colorcoated OWC Machine", "Earth Machine", "Ecological Robot" are some of the interesting internet searches related to waste converter machine. Composting has been an age old practice but the opening of a new big market has brought in some preposterous, suzerain, slalomic and abhorrent ideas in to reality. This whirlpool of new ideas is both and opportunity and a threat, the onus of which unfortunately lies with the buyer.

How does TALLBOY® compare with "rotary drum", "solar", "crate type", "24 hour heater Compost Equipment Machine"..?

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