Best Franchise Business Opportunities

Best franchise business opportunities from Riteways first time ever, with low cost and high return on investment (ROI), for sustainable waste management, zero garbage, clean water for all and abundant supply of organic food, that combines composting, sewage treatment and urban farming.

Franchise business opportunities in waste management recycling with low investment and high returns
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Franchise Business opportunities: High Lead Generation and Conversion

To start one franchising business, 150 leads are usually required, and generating every lead costs money. This is a  business opportunity with a low cost of lead generation and a high lead conversion rate.

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We hand hold our business franchisee

In order to adopt a business, people often leave their jobs, give up their benefits, and start a new life. We do not leave our business partners feeling mis-sold and we handhold them until they are able to fly.

About Us

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franchise opportunities in waste management recycling

Our Mission & Vision

With the current pattern of consumption of goods & services, we will turn everything into a desert. A functional ecosystem is our source of wealth. RITEWAYS is known for its brands TALLBOY®, veggyBARREL®, and rejuWATER® for Composting, Urban Farming, and Decentralized Wastewater Recycling. Together, let’s build dream franchise business opportunities that restore the damaged environment.

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Compost is literally what sustains our planet, it feeds the soil, and the soil feeds us. All of us can be involved.
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Urban Farming

We do not know where our food comes from, how it is produced, or what it contains. We can grow our own food.
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Sewage Treatment

Using soil and sunlight, sewage can be recycled and then re-used or discharged to rivers or the sea.


Franchise Opportunities in Manufacturing, Distribution and Service 

There is high income potential in these Franchise Opportunities business, with both one-time project sales revenue and recurring revenue from on going project operations. Innovative franchising business from RITEWAYS.


Proprietary digital marketing techniques


Patented designs and registered trademarks


Two decades of tried and tested designs


Awarded and recognized


Low investment high returns


Information About Franchise Opportunities

RITEWAYS offers three franchise oportunities  in India, TALLBOY, rejuWATER, and veggyBARREL. The fee for Tier3 cities is the lowest and for Tier1 cities the highest. Tier 1 has more than 4 million people, Tier 2 has 2 to 4 million people, and Tier 3 has less than 2 million people. This franchising cater to B2C, B2B, Industrial, Services, and Professional Services markets.

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Operational Parameters

Participation in the day-to-day business of the center and managerial bandwidth.
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Financial Parameters

Funds availability, Ownership of the property. Capital Resource and facility.
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Marketing skills

Local network and good will in the area, Interpersonal skills.


Franchising Business Selection Process

The prospect will be evaluated based on their ability to run the franchise business, whether they own the right space, their level of comfort with the franchisor, their educational qualifications, experience in the service industry, their vision, and their network strength.

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“The proper use of science is not to conquer nature but to live in it.”

– Barry Commoner

Our current state of affairs has degraded soils and ecological systems. When the environment is degraded, people are trapped in a cycle of poverty and ecological destruction, so they just continue to be poor and pass this on to the next generation.

RITEWAYS has developed cost effective solution to many of the problems facing us today, it has a strong brand presence in Bangalore and southern India.

Got installed STP plant for our apartments, technical support was good. Hoping to minimize use of fresh and clean water soon.
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Excellent product, I used it for my Tulsi plant and Money plant plantation, both the plants grow healthy changing colour to super green and after a week now I could even see earthworm in the tub, this means the manure is truly genuine.
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Nayan Waghela

Machine installed by rite ways is very effective and the technical support for installation of machine is good.
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Prashant Sharma


Frequently Asked Questions

What franchising business model is this?

Franchisee Owned Franchisee Operated (FOFO) as the name suggests this model allows full operational control to the franchisee. Franchisee bears the rental, interiors, equipment, stock and operation costs and margin on their sales is incentive


Are any performance guarantees given to unit franchisees?


What is the anticipated percentage return on investment?

20 to 25%.

What is the likely pay back period of capital for a unit franchising

3 to 5 Years.

Do you currently have detailed Operating Manuals?


Where is the franchising training done?

Bangalore & Franchisee location.

Is field assistance available for franchisees?


Will someone from Head Office assist me when I open my franchising business unit?


Do you have a standard Franchising Agreement?


How long is the franchising term for?

5 years.

Is the franchising term renewable?


Ask a different question


Get In Touch

RITEWAYS offers futuristic and highly rewarding business opportunity. Recycling organic waste is a niche market, and RITEWAYS specializes in it with its unique and disruptive technologies. These have been proven over two decades, be an early bird. Partner with us.

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(91)-901 903 4000
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#304/5/B, Seetharam Industrial Estate, Outer Ring Road, Jalahalli Bangalore
India 560013

Why should we choose the riteways franchising business?

To restore the damaged environment and for sustainable living.

RITEWAYS is an innovative company that provides eco-friendly solutions for your daily needs. Tallboy is an award-winning brand that does composting with no electricity or heat. Riteway is a pioneer in solid waste management.

Waste Management Solutions is an exciting new franchising business. Riteways is an India’s first-ever eco-friendly waste management solution provider. A company that provides innovative solutions to manage solid waste and convert them into valuable resources. This company is a great fit for any entrepreneur who wants to start a profitable business without having to worry about the regulatory environment or the competition.

Franchisees receive rights to use a proven system under an existing brand name. They don’t invent a new product or service. They are independent contractors who work under the direction of the franchisor. They do not form partnerships with the franchisor. Both parties want to build a successful brand together, but they don’t legally partner.

Urban farming franchise opportunities by RITEWAYS is a unique solution to grow 100 plants per pot in a chair space with one-tenth water consumption. This franchise business opportunities enables people to build, distribute, and install veggieBARREL® Home Farmings and Urban Farms. Learn more about this business.

Our values guide us:

Composting franchising business by rite-ways is a unique solution to make zero garbage zones in compliance with SWM Rules 2016. This business is related to solid waste management. Tallboy composting facility is built in residential and commercial areas to create zero garbage zone. Learn more about this business.

Sewage recycling franchising business by Riteway are an unique solution to help everyone in recycling wastewater and reuse the same for flushing toilets and gardening. It involves building and operating RejuWater STPs (sewage treatment plants). Learn more about this business.

Rite-ways has been around since 2010. Riteways Franchising is a great choice for anyone who wants to start their own business or expand their current one.

Riteway Franchising business is an international franchising system that provides its franchisees with a unique opportunity to build a successful business through a proven model. Franchising owners enjoy a high level of support from Riteway Franchising. In addition, they get access to a wide range of resources and training materials.

The Riteway Franchising team consists of experienced professionals who provide guidance in every step of the process. Their goal is to help you reach your goals while ensuring that you are comfortable throughout your journey. Through regular meetings, telephone calls, and digital marketing, Riteways will help ensure that you meet all of your obligations at each stage of your business.

Our mission is to deliver quality products, services, and experiences by creating value for our partners. We aim to enhance lives daily through the delivery of outstanding customer experiences.


Customer First

Every interaction counts; nothing goes unnoticed. Always be kind to people. Treat them like family; treat them right!


Support each other, collaborate, and work together as a true team. You win together. You lose alone.


Seek new challenges, stretch ourselves and grow constantly. Remember, there is plenty more where this came from.


Innovate constantly and embrace change. Be open to ideas. Think outside the box.


Keep learning. Invest in yourself. Take risks. Never settle for less than excellence.


Lead well. Lead by example. Show others how it’s done.


Do what you say and say what you do. Respect integrity in everything you pursue.

Value Creation

Create value for partners. Deliver amazing customer experiences.


Make promises. Keep commitments. Expect the best. Go above and beyond..

Service Excellence

Offer excellent customer service. Provide exceptional product/service experience. Perform consistently so that we exceed expectations.


Grow responsibly. Conserve resources. Protect the environment. Be responsible. Reduce waste. Be sustainable wherever possible.

Innovative ideas

Explore innovative ways to improve processes, products, and services. Create new opportunities.


Have high standards. Behave appropriately. Exude professionalism. Take pride in delivering a great experience. Dress professionally. Come to work ready to go.


Know what you’re talking about. Use facts and statistics to support your statements. Know how to ask questions. Learn new things.


Build relationships with contacts. Get involved in social media. Connect with industry experts. Join associations. Develop knowledge.

Brand Building

Identify and build brand recognition. Define and promote your identity. Create a distinct sense of who you are.