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RITEWAYS, the right way to compost!

Discover the right way to compost with Rite-Ways! We offer a wide range of composting solutions, including bins, machines, and vermicomposters - everything you need to get your composting journey started.

Join us and start making a positive impact on the environment today!

Traditional Vermicomposting
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Normal vermicomposting is a process of using worms to break down organic materials into valuable compost. TALLBOY® Composters take this process to the next level, offering a more efficient and effective solution. With TALLBOY®, you can turn food waste into nutrient-rich compost in as little as 10 days. The unique design of the TALLBOY® composter allows for better aeration, insulation, and moisture retention, allowing you to produce compost faster and without pests.

The easy-to-use design makes it simple to set up and maintain. With TALLBOY®, you can get the best composting results in less time and with less effort.

Normal Vermicomposting Vs TALLBOY® Composters 

Pulverizer-Based Compost Machines

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Our Pulverizer-Based Compost Machines are designed to quickly and efficiently transform organic waste into rich, nutrient-rich compost perfect for nourishing soil. With its innovative pulverizing technology, these machines are able to quickly break down waste into small particles, enabling quick decomposition and efficient waste management. With the Pulverizer-Based Compost Machines, you can quickly and easily create nutrient-rich compost that’s perfect for improving your soil’s health and fertility.

Automatic Compost Machines With Shred Lid

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Fully-Automatic-composting-machine (1)_11zon (1)_11zon.webp

Our Automatic Compost Machine is the perfect hassle-free composting solution. It features a built-in shredder in the lid, allowing you to compost without compromising on volume. With a plug-and-play design, it's easy to use just like an office paper shredder. Available in both standard and tower designs, it offers a very low footprint and capacities ranging from 25 Kg/day to 250 Kg/day.

Aerobic Composting: Direct Dump & Built-in Shredder machine


Start aerobic composting at home with 220 litre compost bin.
For small communities, shopping centers, medium to large restaurants, fast food chains, convention halls, businesses, mess halls, and cafeterias you can use the 1000 litre composter bin or the ones with built-in shredding capabilities.


220 Litre Direct Dump Home Compost Bin

Capacity: up to 5 Kg/day

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1000 litre Direct Dump Community Compost Bins

Capacity: up to 25 Kg/day


2000 litre Direct Dump Composting Bin For Apartment 

Capacity: up to 50 Kg/day

Automatic Built-in Shredder Bio Composters

1000 litre Built-in Shredder Bio Composters

Capacity: up to 100 Kg/day

Why Us?

Purchase, Rent or Rent-to-own

Riteways manufacturers and suppliers of TALLBOY® pulverizer compost machine across India at affordable prices ( starting price Rs 95000.00) for recycling organic waste into earthy smelling rich compost, for homes, apartments, commercial & Industrial usage.

TALLBOY® Compost Equipment is available on a purchase, rent, and rent-to-own basis to recycling plants and end-users. As a top organic waste recycling company, we strive to create a circular economy through sustainable practices. Minimizing your carbon footprint and preventing enormous amounts of waste from going to landfills.

Compostable waste

Changing the Game


We're a private company that is passionate about helping our customers save money and the environment. We offer waste management solutions for all types of bulk waste generators. A wide range of waste materials, such as vegetable & fruit peels, leftover food, egg shells, bones, garden waste, cardboard, paper plates, paper cups, areca plates, and pizza boxes can all be composted. 

As a top organic waste recycling company, we strive to create a circular economy through sustainable practices. Minimizing your carbon footprint and preventing enormous amounts of waste from going to landfills.


For questions or inquiries, you can chat with us or call us at +91 901 903 4000 and a representative will be delighted to assist you with our recycling solutions.

Composting Method: Manual, Semi and Fully Automatic


Composting Machine, can it be automatic?
As the market is demanding it, we are obliged to use the term "Automatic" for composting, even though this is misleading. Our Composting is an environmentally friendly approach to solid waste management that is designed keeping in mind the Sustainable Development Goal 12 (SDGs) for composting responsibly. TALLBOY composter equipment break down waste organically and yield nutrient-rich, earthy-smelling compost teeming with humus and microorganisms.

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Shredder Composting

Capacity: 25 to 100 Kg/day

Shredder Composting Machine  for recycling organic waste into rich compost (1)_11zon.webp

Pulverizer Organic Waste Converter

Capacity: 50 to 100 Kg/day

Semi Automatic Organic Waste Composting Machine up to 1000 Kg per day

Pulverizer Organic Waste Composting Machine

Capacity: 125 to 1000 Kg/day


Solid Waste Composter Machine

Capacity: 2 to 5 Tons/day

A Few Of Our Customers...

client bengaluru international airport
client bhartiya urban
client matri mandir
recommended by TERI


Composting at CISF Camp at Bengaluru International Airport, housing 4000 residents security personnel working in 3 shifts


RITEWAYS is the whole and sole supplier of Compost Equipment machines to all the utilities of this mega "Integrated Township" project


Matri Mandir is the heart of Auroville community and RITEWAYS is proud to be a part of this unique ecosystem to recycle organic waste


National Academy of Customs, Indirect taxes & Narcotics has a very green campus due to RITEWAYS, TERI recommended us to NACIN

Swachh Bharat Mission - Urban 2.0

As per SWM Rules 2016, in-situ composting is compulsory for all Bulk Waste Generators

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Choose Your Composter Today!

RITEWAYS is a Specialist Organic Waste Recycling Company for Indian Businesses and Communities

We can help businesses reduce costs and their environmental impact by recycling bulk volumes of organic waste. RITEWAYS provides environment-friendly recycling services in India via its vast network of channel partners.


If you require organic waste recycling services for your business or society, 
get in touch with us now!

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