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nutritious and earthy smell compost

TALLBOY® Composters, the right tool for all your composting needs - by riteways

TALLBOY® Composters are the best compost machine for your kitchen and garden waste. Composting plays an important role in managing solid waste effectively and we at rite-ways are proud to have installed many composters across builders, communities, hotels and more since 1999.


Our composters have won several accolades, making us the trusted choice for all your composting needs.

food waste can be composted

Why Composting should become the mantra for everyone?

पंचतत्व (our body is made of five elements - the ancient Indian wisdom)

  1. जल (water)

  2. वायु (air)

  3. अग्नि (fire/heat)

  4. आकाश (space)

  5. पृथ्वी (earth)

Disrupting this process means playing against the "Rules of Nature." Soil feeds us, Compost feeds the soil and that's why composting needs to become the mantra for everyone..

The fifth element earth, is the Soil Carbon that enters our body through the food we consume everyday, and the same Carbon is returned to earth as humus (compost) after death.

At rite-ways, our mission is to provide sustainable waste management solutions using TALLBOY® Composters that benefit both the environment and individuals. We believe that composting is an important part of managing solid waste effectively and we are committed to making composting easy and accessible for everyone.

Sustainable Waste Management

our mission

lady growing vegetables at home using compost
What are you looking for?

Do you want to become Zero Waste?

yes, no

Do you want Hassle Free Composting without the nuisance of foul odour or pests?

yes, no

Do you want to sell the compost that you wish to produce?

yes, no


The TALLBOY® design philosophy is to make composting hassle-free and operatable by unskilled workers. The machine should be able to produce fully digested, highly nutritious compost. The wet waste processing time should be less than half a day and this composting equipment can not die! we're dealing with rotting waste, here!

And, since farmers are the toughest buyers for the best quality compost at the lowest possible price, the TALLBOY® composters should be able to satisfy this one customer.


Only if all this happened would the end user be motivated to compost.

TALLBOY® Design Philosophy

design philosophy

rich nutritious compost being harvested from TALLBOY BioBin

TALLBOY® compost bins from Rite-Ways

Our TALLBOY® Compost Bins are an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for home and commercial composting. Designed with a large capacity to process both food and yard waste inputs, our compost bins are easy-to-use and maintain. With built-in curing, there's no need to manually lift and shift the compost. 

Rite-Ways is a leading manufacturer of compost bins. Contact us today to learn more about our products!

- Member Secretary (Karnataka State Pollution Control Board)

"The committee is of the opinion that on-site wet waste processing by bulk waste generators and individual households is to be viewed as a social responsibility of every citizen and not as money-making/saving venture. The intangible benefits of such a management strategy in terms of soil/human health and environment benefits far outweigh the costs involved in wet waste processing."

NGT approval letter

The Hon'ble National Green Tribunal-SLC, upon hearing the misuse of terminology of organic waste converter by the manufacturers has directed the KSPCB on 15.02.2019 to constitute a committee for "Evaluation of In-situ Technologies for Processing of Wet Waste"...

KSPCB Evaluated Technology for In-situ processing of Wet Waste

our products

All our products are made with the highest quality materials and are designed to make composting easy and efficient. Contact our staff for more information on our range of composters.

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5 to 5000 Kg/day

All our products are made with the highest quality materials and are designed to make composting easy and efficient. Contact our staff for more information on our range of composters.

TALLBOY® Composters

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Online & Onsite

We believe in the importance of educating people about the benefits of composting. That's why we offer onsite workshops and classes to help you get the most out of your TALLBOY® Composter.

Composting Education

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Buy Online

We offer a range of composting accessories to make your composting experience even better. From compost thermometers to compost turners, we have everything you need.

Composting Accessories

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Municipal Level

Need a composter that's tailored to your specific needs?

We can help!

Our team can create custom composters to fit any space or requirements.



an initiative bt RWA sector 47 noida to set up SWM motivation park to showcase best waste management practices
An article published on down to earth website related to e rwa sector 47 initiative in noida
solid waste management practice at chaudhary charan singh university meerut
composting station at one of beed municipal corpoartion wards
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