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OWC Machine For High-Quality Organic Waste Composting

OWC Machines from RITEWAYS that are always composting the organics aerobically through fermentation. This results in high quality kitchen waste compost. Capacity range available from 50 Kgs Per Day to 5000 Kgs Per Day

Our team is fully transparent with you and we'll give you all the information necessary so you can make an informed buying decision.

Send us a Hi message to our Business whatsapp number 70199 92090 now and let us know what kind of organic waste composter would best suit your needs!

 OWC Machine for recycling organic waste into rich compost
OWC Machines for recycling organic waste

Are you tired of trying to find the perfect OWC Machine?

With our TALLBOY Unique, high quality & long lasting OWC, you can easily recycle organic waste without any hassle. Look no further and don't be overwhelmed by all the choices. At RITEWAYS, we understand that it can be tough to choose the right option and we are here to help! We understand how important it is to have a machine that not only works properly but also fits into your budget.


One of the few best OWC Machine product suppliers across India for easy recycling of organic waste at affordable prices

 (Starting price Rs 95000.00), that stands by the quality of compost produced by its compost pulverizer system.”

TALLBOY® Fully Automatic OWC Composting Machine

TALLBOY® fully automatic OWC Composting machine is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to manage all of your decomposable waste. With its direct Feeding mechanism built in, it can shred and feed any leftover food into the compost bin for efficient digestion.


Plus, it can also accept other kinds of decomposable waste like pizza boxes, paper cups & plates, areca leaf cutlery, paper napkins and small food-laden cardboard packages with ease!

Fully automatic OWC Composting machine for recycling organic waste into rich compost
 image showing composting procedure for recycling organic waste


Users of OWC composting
  • Offices

  • Cafeterias

  • Restaurants

  • Malls

  • Clubs

  • Prayer Halls

  • Temples

  • Stadiums

  • Schools & Colleges


Take advantage of this revolutionary TALLBOY OWC Composting Machine today and save time and money while helping the environment by using less energy, reducing pollution, conserving water, and reducing landfill waste.

Contact us right away to find out how our specialist recycling company can help you with your waste management needs.

TALLBOY® OWC Plants: Automatic & Direct Feed

TALLBOY OWC  specifications

TALLBOY® OWC Composting machine is a device that uses mechanical, aerobic, and microbial processes to convert organic waste such as food scraps, yard waste, and paper products into compost.


The composting process involves controlling temperature, moisture, and oxygen levels to accelerate the breakdown of organic matter into a nutrient-rich soil amendment. This eliminates the need to purchase additional fertilizers or soil conditioners, reducing costs even further.


  • Built-in shredder

  • Air vents

  • Leachate drain

  • Inhale/exhale

  • Bottom harvest


  • Direct feed

  • no bad smell

  • get compost tea

  • quick digestion

  • earthy smell compost

Frequently Asked Questions

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