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organic waste converter  50-100 KGD TALLBOY Models for recycling organic waste into rich compost

Best Organic Waste Converter Machine 50-100 KGD TALLBOY® 

Best Organic waste converter machine for smaller communities is available from 50 to 100 Kg/day capacities using TALLBOY Composting Method. By adhering to waste segregation practices and putting in a bit more effort, it's possible to become a Zero Garbage Community, which is the goal of proper solid waste management.

What Organic waste converters are you currently using?

Using TALLBOY® Semi/Fully Automatic Waste Converter Machine Composting Method, what may be costing money now can begin to generate revenue. RITEWAYS is a waste management company that advocates for responsible organic recycling to achieve integrated waste management.

Are you looking for an easier and more efficient composting plant to make kitchen waste compost?

easier and more efficient composting plant to make kitchen waste compost

Riteways Manufacturers & suppliers of best organic waste converter for homes, apartments, commercial & Industrial usage across India at affordable prices (starting price Rs 95000,00).

Investing in an Composting Equipment from RITEWAYS is a great way to manage your organic and food waste while also saving you time and money. Plus, the nutrient-rich compost created can help benefit the environment as well!

This amazing solution can easily fit your budget, so why not make the switch today and start reducing your waste right away?

Get started now by clicking here for more information on which waste converter machine is right for you!

 Waste Converter Machine Range

PV-N25 Model Waste Converter machine for home for recycling organic waste

Model PV-50 Waste Converter Machine

  • Waste input: 50 Kg/day

  • Compost output: 15 Kg/day

  • Pulverizer speed: 50 Kg/hr

organic waste compost machine PV75 for apartments for recycling organic waste into rich compost

Model PV-75 Organic Waste Compost Machine

  • Waste input: 75 Kg/day

  • Compost output: 22 Kg/day

  • Pulverizer speed: 50 Kg/hr

Model PV 100 organic Waste Composter Machines for recycling organic waste into rich compost

Model PV-100 Waste Composter Machines

  • Waste input: 100 Kg/day

  • Compost output: 30 Kg/day

  • Pulverizer speed 50 Kg/hr

Reach out to RITEWAYS for Organic Waste Composter Rental Service in India

RITEWAYS offers adjustable rental solutions. We know that waste management can be challenging, which is why we offer best organic waste compost machine to help manage your waste efficiently and upgrade your environmental credentials.

Contact one of our team members, and we will be glad to go over all your options for renting, renting to own, or purchasing.

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