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Franchise options from RITE-WAYS that creates sustainable living by recycling organic wastes. Clean water, abundant food and zero garbage.

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“A functional ecosystem is our source of wealth!”

We derive our products and services from it, and it is impossible for the derivatives to be more valuable than the source. Restoring the damaged environment can be a cost-effective solution to many of the problems facing us today.

“Compost feeds the soil, soil feeds us!”

To produce the bio diversity in soils today, we need more organic matter and more biomass. Compost will feed the organisms and their extradites will feed the plants. A living soil holds an average of three times more carbon than the foliage above it.

“Humus increases farmers’ profits!”

When we build Humus in the soil, we recover Carbon from the atmosphere, thus increasing the health of the soil, the plants, and the animals. Humus enhances the nutritional value of our food.

“With the current pattern of consumption of goods & services, we will turn everything into a desert.!”

Agricultural practices & excessive grazing have degraded soils & ecological systems. In these types of degrading states, people are trapped in a cycle of poverty and ecological destruction, so they just continue to be poor and pass this on to the next generation.

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Soil, Water, Food..connecting the dots..

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Franchise Composting

Franchise composting facilitates United Nations SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption

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Franchise Wastewater Recycling

Franchise wastewater recycling aligns with SDG 6, United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6 – Clean Water & Sanitation

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Franchise Urban Farming

Franchise urban farming aligns with SDG 2, United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12 – Zero Hunger


veggyBARREL urban farming is a new sustainable way of living in urban areas, it’s new, it makes tremendous sense, and it’s going to change the way we get and eat food in cities. In the next decade, the veggyBARREL brand aims to be a pioneer in the “Urban Farming” space. As there are hardly any players in India in this segment with a unique product such as veggyBARREL, Rite-ways sees this as a major opportunity.

grow 100+ plants in a chair space

keeps working even when you're on a vacation

very low water consumption

grows almost 30 to 40 times more compared to any traditional flat growing system

the joy of eating guilt free food grown with your own hands

bring back the forgotton tastes and nutrition. Regain the strength, eat like what grandparents ate.

pluck & cook fresh, no need to refrigerate.

Entrepreneurs with good financial bandwidth to invest in the project.

Ability to manage people.

Dynamic entrepreneurs with a positive mind.

Investors with unutilized or underutilized shed.

Customer-friendly attitude with a "Customer First" approach.

Dynamic entrepreneurs with a positive mind.


The franchise option to scale up was possible only after spending two decades on creating the products and thoroughly validating them before launching them in the market. Today RITE-WAYS has a rock-solid pan India installation base. Their products are simple to make and that’s one of the main reasons they wish to scale up through business partners so that the products can be locally manufactured, distributed, and supported.

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