Franchise Opportunities From RITE-WAYS

Franchise that create a win-win-win partnership opportunities, where clients win, franchisees win and nature wins by reversing climate change.

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Solid Waste Management

Franchise Opportunities in Wet Waste Management

Franchise business opportunities through the implementation of proper processes and infrastructure.

Franchise Opportunities in Dry Waste Management

Franchise business opportunities can reverse the existing “paying to dispose off” to “earning through recycling”.

Franchise Opportunities in Operation and Maintenance

Through franchise business opportunities generate monthly revenue through operation contracts of TALLBOY sites.

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Water Treatment/Purification 

STP sales & installation

The assembly and installation work can be done as a “do it yourself (DIY)”

Retrofitting Existing STPs

Cut down, operational expenses by 80% & freshwater tanker cost by 50%

Operation and Maintenance

a win-win situation for both rejuWATER sites are operated and maintained by us.

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Urban Farming for edible gardening

veggyBARREL sales & Installation

success of a veggyBARREL has lot to do with support rather than just selling the product

Ancillary Product Sales

hundreds of ways to creatively engage with customer. Sell saplings along with seeds.

Gardening Assistance Service

on a chargeable basis, the customers are happily willing to pay for this once-a-week service.

Unique Product Sales

RITE-WAYS products are disruptive. They are proprietary designs and have been in use for many years in different geographic locations without the company support structure in place. The majority of our business is word-of-mouth sales. Customer delight is what we strive for.

Award-winning tech

Aligns with several govt policies like Swachh Bharat, Atma Nirbhar Bharat etc.

Futuristic business opportunity

High income potential

Multiple revenue streams

Patented designs and registered trademarks

Low investment, high returns

"win-win-win" situation. Client wins, Service Provider wins and Environment Cause wins.

reduces operational cost by more than half.

unskilled operation.

high quality recycling.

negative carbon footprint.

Franchise Opportunities Operational Support

Franchise business opportunities are very rare to find in this area of work, whereas the end-users are always looking for operational support to be provided by the supplier, as a first choice. Clients are happy if this service is made available to them at an affordable price. Sewage treatment plants and Composting facilities are heavily dependent on such support.

“Aligns with Atma Nirbhar Bharat!”

Today’s demand is to manufacture and supply locally. RITEWAYS products are simple to manufacture and can be very easily made from locally available materials. A simple fabrication setup is enough, A few hand tools are all you need to start the manufacturing activity.



“Solid credentials and good brand recognition in the relevant sectors”

TALLBOY & rejuWATER systems are recognized by the government agencies like NGT & PCB. They have solid credentials to compete in the market. Some of our prestigious work includes supplying to Bangalore International Airport, Narcotics, and Customs department, Bhartiya City Integrated Township, Municipal Corporations, etc.

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Franchise business opportunities that do not exist and have the potential to change people’s lives. In a market that is oversaturated with the conventional franchise options, RITEWAYS is scaling up through something that is very different.