Franchise Business in Gardening For Growing Food

Franchise business in Gardening veggyBARREL from RITE-WAYS. With 100 plants per pot that occupy just a chair space, help people grow food at their homes.
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Franchise business for all - green pincodes

An opportunity for anyone wanting to start with a very low investment. Green Pin Codes means this opportunity is for a pin code territory to ensure that the buyer gets full support to grow food at home.
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home farms

veggyBARREL is indeed a home farm. Each one grows 100+ vegetable plants using just a chair space. Place it in your garden area, balcony, or roof, all this device needs is just 3 to 4 hours of sunlight and very little water.

grow organic food at home

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Good Health and Tasty Food

Fresh Oxygen enriched air from your balcony, A green roof keeping the building cool during scorching summers, stress-busting breaks while attending your veggyBARREL and yet these are not the main features of our product. The magical way veggyBARREL works to produce that great tasting food, full of nutrition is what we need today.

Grow at home, Grow free!

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Simple steps to assemble veggyBARRELs, these are made from locally available materials, less cost to the customer.
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Sell & Install at homes

We do not want to just sell online and forget, the customer should be able to by these within their Pincode.
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Amateurs will need support

Growing a plant is like taking care of a baby, there are so many things that can go wrong. We support till the end.

urban farming

Urban Farming is the Future of Sustainable Agriculture for Cities

The food on the plate is a mystery these days. Is it ready-to-cook food that’s 6 months old! or the seemingly fresh one injected with chemicals to make it look fresh? Add to this, what climate change can do.

When we could grow it home, why not?


Proprietary biomass growing medium


Patented designs and registered trademarks


Two decades of tried and tested designs


Awarded and recognized


Low investment high returns

Home farming franchising business

Multiple Revenue Generation Through Franchise Business

veggyBARREL Franchise business is a very rewarding business opportunity that offers multiple ways to earn money. By assembling and selling veggyBARREL brings a one-time revenue, whereas the sale of seeds, saplings, sprays, compost, gardening tools & accessories is a repeat sale. Not everyone is an expert in growing, the amateurs will need support and this allows for revenue through service.

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