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aerobic community composter for society and bussiness for recycling organic waste

Aerobic Community Bio Composter for Society and Business

Aerobic composting and vermicomposting are implemented in TALLBOY® plastic community bio composter as per the expectations of global sustainable development goals (SDGs).

For a sustainable future,

composting needs to become the mantra for everyone!

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This portable & small space bio bin composter is a smart composter that decomposes food scraps quickly and produces well-rotted manure. Composting not only helps to reduce waste but also has a positive impact on a nation's economic and social well-being. When items rot in a landfill, methane is released into the atmosphere, creating a greenhouse effect and the leachate contaminates the soil entering water systems and farmland. As a solution, aerobically fermenting compost heap in our eco-friendly community bio composter equipment produces rich earthy smell compost. This new-age composter bin was judged as the best continuous composter during one of the recent world environment day celebration events organized at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal SDG12


technical specification of community bio composters

Bio Bin volume: 1000 L
Reprocessing Capacity: 25 Kg/day
Overall dimensions: 1.2m x 1.0m x 1.4m
Aeration: Natural draft through side vents
Decomposition: Fermentation
Container Capacity: 600 Kg
Compliance: SWM Rules 2016, FCO Compost quality standard
Type of input waste: Domestic food waste + Horticulture waste


  • Food waste

  • Garden waste

  • Flower waste

  • STP sludge

community compost bin for recycling garden & kitchen waste into rich compost

Community Composters

Model: CCB (capacity: up to 25 Kg/day)

Community Composter from Riteways is the best-priced composter for composting and vermicomposting from garden and kitchen waste. This TALLBOY® vertical waste composter bin makes rich vegetable waste compost and can be a big asset to vegetable market vendors. 

Ideal for,

  • up to 20 homes

  • Small restaurants

  • Old age homes

  • Schools

  • Cafeteria

  • Offices

features of tallboy community composters

Features of Community Composter

  • Air vents

  • Leachate drain

  • Inhale/exhale

  • SS hinged lid

  • Bottom harvest

Benefits Of Community Composter

  • no bad smell

  • get compost tea

  • quick digestion

  • no flies

  • earthy smell compost

benefits of tallboy communitybio composter

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