Business Opportunities in  Composting 

Business opportunities in composting for recycling organic waste, crafted and curated over two decades. TALLBOY is an award-winning composting technology by Riteways and is now available as a Composting Franchise.
business opportunities in composting solutions
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Business Opportunities with Huge Market

Compost market revenue is expected to reach $8.9 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 5% to 7% between 2020 and 2025. One of the most important factors driving this market is the growing demand for organic products.

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Award winning technology

A proprietary foolproof and hassle-free method to convert food and garden waste to rich organic manure quickly using naturally occurring microorganisms. TALLBOY composting systems are for one and all.

About TALLBOY Technology

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Natural Compost Everyday

A rotting process releases methane, which has adverse health effects and causes a greenhouse effect. Consequently, TALLBOY composting is implemented to manage and reduce food waste in line with global sustainable development goals (SDGs) without producing methane. Not only does compost reduce waste, but it also contributes substantially to the economic and social well-being of a nation. The concept of waste is wealth is embodied in sustainable resource management.
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TALLBOY composting systems are modular, made from locally available materials, quick, and easy to install.
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Operation and Maintenance

Composting and solid waste management go hand in hand, proper operation and maintenance ensures “Zero Garbage”.
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Retrofit existing methods

Any existing site that is not using its composting facility offers an opportunity to retrofit and restart.

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Waste to Wealth Franchising Business available in Franchise Format

When everyone else is trying to jump into this world of business opportunity, RITEWAYS has stuck to figuring out the right way to do it over the past two decades. Now, we intend to scale up with the right franchise partners.


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Highly Rewarding Business

Business Opportunities Investment ranges territory-wise, typically depending on the population density. A city with a 4 million+ population would fall under the TIER 1 category requiring a higher investment. The TIER 2 city would be between 2 to 4 million inhabitants and TIER 3, less than 2 million. One can choose from Master, Area Developer, or Single Unit franchise, the costs will vary accordingly.

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